Friday, January 27, 2012

Lesson Sheets available from my website

The first stage of adding content for my students to my webpage has been completed. I've put up PDF links to the most common sheets given out in the lessons. Just click on a thumbnails or title of a document to open up the PDF formatted file. PC users can right click on the titles and select "save target as".

Here is the page: Guitar Lesson Handouts

PDF files require Adobe Reader which you can download HERE if needed.

I hope they come in handy for everyone.

I plan to put together a few videos for beginning students to go along with some of the handouts. That is going to take a little time to put together but I'm working on it. Once the content is ready I will post a message on the blog.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's Get Started

Hi all,

Here is my first entry into the blogosphere. Better late than never I guess...

The goal here is to discuss all things related to guitars and use this an information hub for my guitar students by posting links to helpful videos, general information and offer some recommended listening.

In conjunction with the Blog I will be integrating a document center for all my students that will allow downloads of the handouts given out during the lessons. This will include items like chord charts, scale sheets and exercises. When that is up and running I will post a link here and update the home page on my website

I'm looking forward to developing the blog and seeing how it will help students and connect with other guitarists.

So let's get started!